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As owner and operator of White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products Inc. and Nu Aeon, and as the Principal Minister/leading High Priestess of the Temple of Nine Wells-ATC, the only public Wiccan congregation continuously operating in Salem for over twenty-nine years, and as an initiate of the Mysteries, I have been blessed with the opportunity to co-lead eight public Sabbat ceremonies a year for decades. In 2011 e.v. Richard and I were approached by our media-savvy friend, Karagan Griffith, with an idea to collaborate and document our Samhain activities in a Cinéma vérité style behind the scenes documentary. This “With Love From Salem” DVD is the result of our collaboration.


This film, "With Love from Salem" features the work of two of my dear friends....Richard and Gypsy Ravish and their annual Samhain rite on Gallows Hill in Salem, Mass. It is DEEPLY touching and reflects the best of the beauty of Modern Witchcraft. The Director, Karagan Griffith, is gifting the world with the beauty of the Craft I love and dedicate my life to. Please follow the release of this film. Watch it! Buy it! I promise you will thank me for advising you to do this. I love you Richard and Gypsy and I honor you Karagan. May the Old Gods and the Craft Prevail!!!!!


Orion Foxwood - Author, Teacher, Faerie Seer, With, Root Worker, Conjure Man and more

To view a trailer for this documentary click here.

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