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Burnt Offerings 
(Many of the items pictured in slide show are sold out. Claim your Burnt Offerings while supplies last!)


“It is far better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”


In Humanity’s ancient past, light and fire were associated with the benevolence of Great Spirit. Even a flash of lightning was imagined to be The Gods making fire in their celestial realms. As time passed men and women discovered the myriad uses of fire to aid survival, as well as giving a spark of Divine Light to their inner hopes and desires for self-empowerment and life improvement. Eventually, torches, oil lamps and wax candles were used as a means to contain fire. Today millions of people burn candles in churches, temples and in their homes as part of their spiritual practices.


White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products is a potent source of supply for Candle Magick. We believe in the power of candle burning and the Holy Art of Magick. The artfully handcrafted candles that we offer are often infused with herbs, oils, inscribed with symbols or talismanic motifs and are empowered with magickal intentions and blessings while they are being created. They are designed to bring added focus and energy to all one’s spells and magickal workings. Once lit, they are suitable for summoning spirit helpers from the Inner Planes and to set one’s will in motion to manifest wishes. Candle burning is powerful magick. A practitioner may choose to light a candle and let it burn down, or light a candle and meditate with it, snuff it out and relight it another time. We suggest that one starts candle burning work during the appropriate phase of the Moon, depending upon intention. Whether it be for Prosperity, Healing, Protection, Peace, or other empowerments, each candle is a Spell.


Our wonderful Magickal Catalyst™ Spell Stix™ Incense is available for many intentions and to celebrate each of the 8 Sabbats of the Witches’ Wheel of the Year. Magister Azaradel wrote: Incense has traditionally been linked with Magick and Religion. It is used to purge a place or unwanted influences, and to purify and sanctify a temple for the descent of the Gods. The ancient Assyrians, Babylonians, Hebrews and Egyptians used incenses in ritual observances. The Romans gained their knowledge of incense when they absorbed the Greek nation. The Greeks, as far back as can be told from historical evidence, started off by casting plants and herbs into an open fire. By the time of the institution of the Greek Oracular Schools, complicated mixtures of herbs, resins and woods were being compounded to aid the Priests and Priestesses with the arts of scrying and prophesy.” Some of these collections are now very limited...Acquire them while supplies last! Prices are subject to change without notice.


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