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Aromatic Enchantments


“Plants have life, mind and ‘souls’ ”… The Kybalion


The use of specially formulated oils and a variety of botanicals in Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick and other Mystical traditions, whether considered from the point of view of Elemental or Planetary correspondences, Alchemy, traditional lore, experimental workings according to one’s own intuitions … or a synergy of all of these and more, is a powerful way of enhancing ones magickal adventures and increasing a practitioner’s chances of successful spell work and devotional practices. Oils and potions may be worn on the body for their aromatherapuetic value, as well as for magickal intentions.  Also, infusing the inside of candles with specific oils or using them to anoint the outside of candles in consecrations, blessings and “chargings”, may further empower ones Candle Magick.


You will also find in this gallery, our favorite Body Mysts™, and Aromatic Mystiques™ for enhancing the atmosphere in Home, Office or Temple. We also offer carefully and lovingly prepared herbal “Philtres” (magickal charms or enchantments which were historically a drinkable potion for love), offered in this gallery as dry herbal spell mixtures. These may be carried in charm bags, charged at the altar, and placed in open containers wherever one wants their energy to be for intentions including Love, Protection, Psychic Power, Healing, money Drawing and Great Good Fortune. Prices are subject to change without notice. (Do not eat or drink, not for internal consumption.)


“The Power finds its own way.” … Alex Sanders

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