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With Love from Salem DVD

With Love from Salem DVD


This is the documentary about the Temple of Nine Wells-ATC, Richard and Gypsy Ravish, and their journey of more than 20 years of hosting open Sabbat rituals in Salem, Massachusetts...

Film director, Karagn Griffith comments: "Salem has made, on it's own merit, a mark on American history. The year 1692 was a time of suffering and injustice — 20 innocent people died at the hands of their accusers. Witchcraft was used as a definition and excuse for these trials.

But what about now? How do witches today in Salem Massachusetts pay homage to these victims? The Temple of Nine Wells has been walking to Gallows Hill on Samhain night for more than 20 years to honor the dead and the victims of the "Witch Hunters' Hysteria" of 1692. This documentary will walk you and your customers through this event, from preparation to ritual, as well as through the differences between Samhain and Halloween, the sacred and the profane. An inside perspective of Samhain night in Salem, and of the men and women who, through dedication and personal commitment, continue to make a difference. With love, from Salem."


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