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Greetings, to all you Mother Earth lovers, tree huggers, mystical revolutionaries, Goddess Gals and Mages out there. We’re sending all our best well wishes to you for the duration of your lifetimes! We just want to say that White Light Pentacles is here in Salem, Massachusetts, affectionately called “the Witch City”, continuing to provide the best magickal and true Craft supplies we can design, commission and distribute to Pagans, Witches, Magicians and seekers of spiritual alternatives world wide! We project that the sacred products and tools we provide, along with your own magickal efforts, will help inspire and empower you and your loved ones. We are practitioners of the magickal arts and have been for over 40 years. We specialize in Witchcraft, Qabala, Ceremonial Magick, Thelema and many mystical paths. We offer personal customer service over the telephone, through email and via fax. We are constantly creating and updating the wonderful offerings on our site with new products, pictures, prices and details. Please call us with any questions on products in our galleries, or special requests for custom orders that you may have. We always listen to questions and comments from our customers and friends.  We'll be happy to discuss all available information with you and offer helpful hints to assist your shopping experience with us and make navigating this site easy and fun.

NOTE***  The items on this site are representative of the many authentic collections White Light Pentacles has distributed over the past few decadess. At this time, the availability of many of these items is limited. Each is a potent tool for assisting your consciousness to transform your reality in the sacred and mysterious practice of MAGICK. We hope you enjoy this presentation and that you will find what it is you seek.  *** Prices are subject to change without notice***



Order By Phone

Our MINIMUM ORDER IS $22.00 before shipping charges. Call us at 1-800-Mastery (800-627-8379). If you do not reach us personally please leave a voicemail message. We accept payments via PayPal. Please leave your email address and phone number  for us on your voicemail so we can expedite the processing of your order.  

Terms of our USER AGREEMENT   Using this website means you accept this agreement. If you do not agree with its terms, do not use this website.


You can fax your order to 1-978-744-3296. Our fax machine is on 24 hours a day. If you fax us your order, please remember to include your return fax number, telephone number, email address and billing address. We'll call, email or fax you back if there is any additional information we need to exchange with you.



When we established White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products in 1987 e.v., our goal was to provide year-'round distribution, both wholesale and retail, of authentic items created by skilled artists, artisans and alchemists who were Pagans, Witches, and in many cases, Elders in the magickal community - with whom we would create long term reciprocal relationships and lines of supply. Before common use of home computers, the advent of the internet, and our world wide web of modern communications, there were very few distributors serving the magickal community, and providing supplies to practitioners was mainly done via phone sales, mail order catalogues, festivals and a few stores. Though, these days, there are lots of cheaper, mass-produced imported brands flooding the market, the handcrafted magickal tools and art we continue to provide is suitable for ritual use in homes, offices and temples, and has an energy and value that can last a lifetime and become family heirlooms...and your purchases will support the efforts of the dedicated full-time artists who create them. Here in the stockrooms of White Light Pentacles, we have lots and lots of magickal incenses, candles, herbals, art and artifacts, altar supplies, Gypsy's cd's and other essentials. We continue to design, help finance and support the production of these handcrafted works so many of your ordered items may be in stock, and ready to ship. However, sometimes demand is greater than supply and because of production delays in shipments to us, your favorite items may be sold out. You will never be charged for an out of stock item. We will inform you about availability of items you have requested, and offer you similar items you may wish to substitute if your original choices are no longer available. Please call us or email our staff to inform them of any special needs regarding processing and/or shipping of your order.  All prices are subject to change without notice.




We take "MANUAL PAYMENTS" on this website. When we receive your order at CHECK OUT, we will CHECK INVENTORY and GET BACK TO YOU VIA EMAIL with your merchandise total. (In Massachusetts sales tax will also be added.)

Even though your initial invoice says "Free shipping", there WILL BE SHIPPING FEES added to your merchandise total when your final invoice is complete. We ship via UPS residential ( and also to retail business addresses) and this fee is computed from weight, dimensions, insured value and locale. We will send a PayPal payment request and ship when payment is received.

When you check out you will see your order summary, your merchandise total without shipping/handling fees, (and SALES TAX for Massachusetts residential customers). Once we have checked inventory, we will email you with the status of your order and let you know if your requested items are currently available.  After that, we will pack and ready your order for shipment, your total will be adjusted to include UPS shipping fees (and MA sales tax if applicable) and you will receive a PayPal payment request. This payment method works well to avoid need for refunds for out of stock items. We are always ready to correct any possible issues as we move forward in this checking out out process. 


Shipping Methods:

We ship orders via UPS business and residential delivery. This method is insured and easy to track. Shipping fees will be determined by UPS depending upon your zip code, size of packages and the value of items ordered. If you need your order to arrive sooner, to meet a deadline such as a birthday or for another important reason, you can request expedited shipping. If circumstances allow, we will fulfill this need. Just call or email us at We are not fulfilling any International orders.



If your merchandise arrives damaged, or if we have under- or over-shipped, hold on to the original packaging and call us. We will adjust your invoice accordingly. If need be, we will take care of an insurance claim for lost or damaged goods. Our customers generally do not need to return merchandise and we make great efforts to cushion our items with protective packging. If you need to, please call us before you unwrap anything and we'll discuss your request.


Note:Twenty-one years ago we decided to multi-task and so we opened Nu Aeon, our seaside retail showroom and home away from home. We closed this location in March of 2020 e.v. and are now happily working out of our Salem office. Here at White Light Pentacles the True Craft survives and our spirit guardians safeguard the good vibes of our work.  This website will introduce you to our beautiful and functional tools of the Art Magickal that you may purchase for use in your homes, offices and temples. Blessed Be

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