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Tools of the Adepti

"To Know, To Dare, To Will and To Keep Silent”


(Many of the items pictured in slide show are sold out. Claim your Tools of the Adepti while supplies last!) Prices are subject to change without notice.


This collection features beautiful and usefull objects of esoteric art that aid the practitioner of the Mysteries in his or her spiritual practices. A magickal “Adept” is a person whom through hard work and dedication has achieved the heights of Magickal progression and the understanding of the Mysteries of the Magick of Light. Not every practitioner of Magick, Witchcraft or other Alternative Spiritual Paths seeks “Adepthood”, but attuning with ones “High self “, is an ideal to which many aspire.


Setting aside a space or part of a space in which to focus and concentrate on worldy and other-worldly matters is essential for the practice of the Occult Arts. Creating a temple room, is ideal. In such a sacred space may be found specific regalia suitable for these practices. At the very least, a practitioner should create an “altar” to be laid with tools of the Art Magickal. Adorning one’s Altar with evocative, meaningful object links displaying Talismanic Motifs, Sacred Geometrics, Images of Divinity, etc., is useful and inspirational. This could be a table, a mantel, in some cases, just the top of a piece of furniture used for other things but doubling as an “altar” of sorts when needed and wanted. Whether a practitioner is new or seasoned, practicing Witchcraft, Ceremonial Magick, Thelema, Angelics, etc., acquiring traditional ritual implements and accessories is part and parcel to the practice of the Occult Arts. White Light Pentacles provides excellent tools used in ritual and evocative home decor.These collections are now very limited...Acquire them while supplies last!

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