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“Magick, magick, magick…if you use your imagination…is a doorway to the Mind”


In addition to being one of the entrepreneurial protagonists of The White Light Pentacles and The Temple of Nine Wells story, as well as being on the scene from the 1970’s onward with the original “Witches of Salem”, I have also always loved to sing. I have been able to share what moves me and what I live for in both my recordings and my performances over the years, singing Folk to Jazz to Pop to soulful fusions of all kinds, and writing melodies and lyrics about my experiences as a Priestess and Witch.


Truth to Power. 48 years in this town have given me a long lensed perspective on the growth of the Craft locally, nationally and internationally. I have been privileged to learn and teach and lead. We are all called to serve our world in ways unique to our visions. Richard and I started White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products in 1981 e.v. with his hand cut Silver and Gold Pentacles. We felt called to promulgate and promote the Mysteries of Witchcraft, The Holy Art of Magick, Thelema, and Alternative Spiritual Paths as our way of doing “The Great Work”. In this product gallery “Enchantress”, “Spirit “Nation and “With Love From Salem” share a glimpse into that journey.

***Prices are subject to change without notice***

Blessed Be With Love From Salem,

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