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A sad note:

On the morning of September 15, 2012 e.v., Rev. HP Richard Ravish GM breathed his last mortal breath for this lifetime and became his body of light. He was a true Mage, Mystical Visionary, and Witch, and our illustrious founder. As founder and co-owner of White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products, Inc. and proprietor of his store, Nu Aeon, Richard earned his livelihood designing and providing the tools of Witchcraft and Alternative Spirituality both wholesale to stores and retail to individual practitioners worldwide. His most powerful mystical vision came into physical manifestation as curator of his newly opened Gallery of Stellar Art, Light, and Magick which he named The Cosmic Connection. He designed The Cosmic Connection to be "a spiritual condenser of the Astral Light and a finely tuned ritual instrument for those who are ready to believe in and work with Gods and Goddesses, Angels and Higher Spiritual Realities." He is sorely missed by many as he travels beyond the veils in the starry realms of angels. "The highest are of us." Full story here


A happier note:

I, Gypsy Ravish, am now the guiding force of White Light Pentacles, keeping the lights of inspiration and dedication glowing.  Through this website and our mail order company White Light Pentacles we will continue to distribute authentic items created by skilled artists, artisans and alchemists, to practitioners, stores, websites, mail-order businesses, home-based faire merchants, and other seekers of the Mysteries that comprise the wholesale and retail client base of WLP/SSP Inc.


Blessed Be With Love From Salem,

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