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Richard and "Gypsy" Ravish established White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products in 1981 e.v. and Nu Aeon Inc. in 1997 e.v. in Salem, Massachusetts, to serve as a unique wholesale and retail distribution network dedicated to the propagation of the Wiccan Arts and Thelemic Magickal Sciences, and to promote the practice of magick and alternative spiritual lifestyles for personal and global transformation. They established their wholesale distribution network when there were few companies doing so, and throughout the past thirty+ years they have designed many sacred talismans and distributed the work of many of the most talented and devoted artists and artisans who were in harmony with this vision.  


Active members of "The Witches of Salem" in the late '70s (and throughout the next two decades), they were initiated locally in the early '80s and then again, into an Alexandrian/Hereditary/Traditional lineaged family of Wicca based in Kent, England, in the late '80s.  Richard and Gypsy each became, respectively, a consecrated and dedicated High Priest and High Priestess of Witchcraft and of the Holy Arts of Magick. For many years Richard served as USA Grand Master, with Gypsy as USA Clan Mother of this Kentish Witchcraft Line, training and initiating suitable students and chartering covens of the Wicca. Today, Gypsy is International Clan Mother of this Kent Witchcraft Line.


In addition to being an active Freemason, a Rosicrucian, a Hermetic Initiate, Hierophant of the Strength of Hadit (his private Enochian temple) and a Thelemic Magician of 45+ years of active study and practice, "Sir" Richard Ravish attained the grade of Adeptus Major in the Thelemic Golden Dawn before parting ways with its founder. Within the past decade, Richard became a member of Ordo Templi Orientis and a novitiate priest in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholicae. 


As Ordained Ministers of The Temple of Nine Wells-ATC, a federally recognized public Wiccan congregation chartered by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church in 1994 e.v. and continuously operating in Salem since 1992 e.v., Richard and Gypsy Ravish wrote and lead open circles for each of the Eight Sabbats of the Witches Wheel for over 25 years. 


"Gypsy", a singer/songwriter, recorded "Enchantress", a favorite album of the national and international magickal community, combining the magickal arts with music. Many, many thousands of copies of Enchantress have been sold since its release on cassette tape in 1990 e.v. Digitally remastered for CD's, Enchantress, and Gypsy’s newest recording, "Spirit Nation", released Samhain 2009 e.v., are winning the hearts and minds of her listeners.    


Nu Aeon was the "bricks and mortar" Home of White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products, Inc., its retail showroom and magick store located in Salem, Massachusetts, at 88 Wharf Street, Pickering Wharf. This colorful and elegant shop with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere featured the entire collection of White Light Pentacles products and tools for the practitioner, including works of one of a kind magickal art, books, jewelry, statuary, robes, crystals and gemstones, talismans, incense, oils, and many more essentials for alternative Spiritual Culture. Now, these are available via mail order because Nu Aeon closed its doors March 8th, 2020 e.v. Please contact White Light Pentacles at or call 1-800-Mastery(800-627-8379) for our products. Here in Salem, Witchcraft and The Holy Art of Magick are alive and well!

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