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Young Shamaness with Wolf Cub

Young Shamaness with Wolf Cub


From our Astral Archetypes™ Collection of unique handcrafted doll-like Altar Statuary we present Young Shamaness with Wolf Cub.

Each fired clay Young Shamaness with Wolf Cub figure is unique and no two pieces are crafted to be exactly alike. In a marketplace flooded with mass produced imports, we're sure you will love this original art...While supplies last!

While male Shamans are predominant in many cultures, some cultures have had a preference for females. Recent archaeological evidence suggests that the earliest known shamans—dating to the Upper Paleolithic era in what is now the Czech Republic—were women. Wolf symbolizes cunning, wisdom, searching, dreams, a source of lunar power, magick, intuition, transformation, death and rebirth. The Wolf has come to be associated with ancient teachings Wolves are known as the teachers. They have been long considered by the First Nations people as teachers or pathfinders. The wolf is held in very high esteem, as they are used as totems and representative of clans. They are truly free spirits even though their packs are highly organized. Traditionally, someone with" Wolf Medicine" has, a strong sense of self, communicates well. Among the various peoples and tribes of North America, wolf represents not only creation, but also death and rebirth. Wolf is also seen as a teacher-animal. The lessons wolf teaches are not always easy, but nevertheless necessary. Wolf is a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and free spirit.

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