Wildcrafted Wood Wands Approximately 22"

Wildcrafted Wood Wands Approximately 22"


Throughout the world, trees have been recognized as living beings having a Spirit within, revered for their special virtues and attributes, and sacred groves were used as places of worship.  The Wand symbolizes the power of the True Will and the Mastery of a Magician or Witch.  Because a properly fashioned magick wand directs and focuses energy it may be used for many purposes: to invoke or banish, bless or blast, heal, teach, create, etc. Use these artfully handcrafted wooden wands for your greatest good and for the good of All.

  • Attributes

    Rosewood: Use for Love, Beauty, Healing, Nourishment, Spirituality,  change, creativity​ and blocking unwanted forces. Some consider Rosewoodto be one of the most prized woods in the world ; Willow: Known to the Druids a "Saille". May grant the gift of prophecy that your dreams and visions will reveal to thee & ease past grief. Use for Intuition, Divination, Inspiration, Sacred to the Moon; Ash: Known to the Druids as "Nion". May grant you  transcendence of cause and effect, uniting all worlds, as your soul shall direct. Use for connecting Inner & Outer worlds, Rebirth, Angelic Magick; Ebony: Use for Purity, Protection, Banishing and Great Power...some believe it to be the most powerful of all magickal woods;  Oak: Known to the Druids as "Duir". May provide you a doorway to strength, truth and Courage.

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