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Wild  Crafted 22" Sacred Woods Wands

Wild Crafted 22" Sacred Woods Wands


The Wand symbolizes the power of the True Will and the Mastery of a Magician or Witch.  Because a properly fashioned magick wand directs and focuses energy it may be used for many purposes: to invoke or banish, bless or blast, heal, teach, create, etc. Use these artfully handcrafted approximately 22" wildcrafted wooden wands for your greatest good and for the good of All.

  • Tree Wisdom:

    Throughout the world, trees have been recognized as living beings having a Spirit within, revered for their special virtues and attributes, and sacred groves were used as places of worship.

    Willow: Known to the Druids a "Saille". May grant the gift of prophecy that your dreams and visions will reveal to thee & ease past grief. Use for Intuition, Divination, Inspiration, Sacred to the Moon.

    Ash: Known to the Druids as "Nion". May grant you transcendence of cause and effect, uniting all worlds, as your soul shall direct. Use for connecting Inner & Outer worlds, Rebirth, Angelic Magick.

    Ebony: Use for Purity, Protection, Banishing and Great Power...some believe it to be the most powerful of all magickal woods.  

    Oak: Known to the Druids as "Duir". May provide you a doorway to strength, truth and Courage.

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