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Spiral Vine Ogham

Spiral Vine Ogham


Vine: 2nd of September - 29th of September ( one of a kind)

The Vine is called Morrainn, or highest of beauty, strongest of effort.

The ethos of the Vine is transcendence, ecstacy, divine revelation, Shamanic journeys, immortality and rejuvenation.

This magically and individually handcrafted spiraled wand is made from a carefully selected  traditional wood gathered in the ancient woodlands of the British Isles, and carved to create a powerful and practical tool while preserving all the character and energy of the wood itself. Vine is one of the sacred woods which was native to the Island and to the wise people who worked with the energies of the Earth and the elements. Engraved with a sacred animal, Ogham rune and other Celtic patterns and symbolic empowerments, this wand has been sealed with walnut juice and beeswax to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.

  • Tree Wisdom:

    The trees there have their own ethos or spirit and help direct certain power which may be used to enhance your own. The wood used corresponds to the ancient Celtic Ogham system that relates to different times of the year and the magical properties of each tree.  Vine binds the trees of the Greenwood together that they may stand in strength and unity. Saturn is the planet assocoated with Vine, whose properties are testing, binding, to inhibit, manifest, to crystallize things, science, concentration, maturity, to invent, pragmatism and longevity.

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