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Totem Bling

Totem Bling


Salamanders with Swarovski Crystals.

Salamanders are believed to be the spiritual beings that inhabit and control the element Fire, and it is through their activities that fire exists. Often depicted in shape with a lizard-like form, in Greek and Roman myth the Salamander lived in the very heart of all fire (and as such, took on the representation of fire itself). The Salamander of medieval superstition was a creature in the shape of a man, which lived in fire It was described by the ancients as bred by fire and existing in flames.

The heraldic signification of the Salamander was that of a brave and generous courage that the fire of affliction cannot destroy or consume. In the animal symbolism of the Ancients, Salamanders may be said to represent the element of Fire and are known as elemental beings called fiery Salamanders. Sometimes you might even notice an outline of a fiery salamander in a campfire or perceive a flash or a trail of rainbow iridescence appearing as, well, a Salamander or like shape. Like all of elemental life, The Fiery Salamanders are attracted to joyous and loving energies. Elemental life can bridge or hasten our understanding and attunement with Nature.

There are many family branches of salamanders each differing in size, appearance and dignity, and in folklore they were ruled over by a magnificent flaming king being called Djin. Salamanders are the strongest and most powerful of all the elementals having the ability to extend or diminish their size as needed.

These gorgeous pieces are suitiable for ritual or casual wear. Claim yours!

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