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Tarot Power Earrings

Tarot Power Earrings


Amy Zerner is a renowned collage artist and fashion designer. From her Enchanted World of Jewelry Collection her unique Tarot sterling silver earrings are available here with their original gemstone empowerments. Lovely! ...while supplies last!

  • Enchanted World Jewelry Tarot Insights

    Two of Hearts with faceted Garnet...ROMANCE: "Two swans are mated foir life and their two hearts beat as one. The difference of male and female are dissolved as a union is formed where each partner's experience is heightened because of the love and life shared with the other. Garnet stone for passion and vitality."

    Ace of Wands with Carnelian...INSPIRATION: "The inspiration of the universe makes you feel alive, creative and passionate. Use your instincts. The basic desire to experience the warmth of sexuality, enlightenment and bliss bring new worlds into being." Awaken to true vitality. Carnelian stone helps looking beneath the surface to find truth."

    Ace of Swords with faceted Blue Topaz...TRIUMPH: "The forces of Truth and Justice have triumphed. Adversity and doubt can be conquered. Make long-term goals and initiate them immediately. Your Truth drives away the shadows of doubt. Blue Topaz for recognizing and communication desires."

    The Moon with Moonstone...FAITH: "Teaches us not to fear the mysterious and unknown. Your intuition can guide you to hidden opportunities. Trust your hunches, pray, breathe and meditate. Moonstone wmphasizes love and protects sensitive instincts."

    Ten of Pentacles...PROTECTION: "A person's home is their castle and this one is built upon a foundation from the past and the work of others. It represents heritage and security. There is strong support around you and all the good things in life are available. Amethyst stone for helping manifest desires from within."

    Wheel of Fortune...GOOD LUCK: "The Wheel of Fortune represents expanse and wealth. What goes around comes around. Be open to any new or unexpected opportunity. Know that you will experience good luck. Think ahead and consider your actions. Lapis stone for building the cooperation that builds wealth.


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