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The Power of Runes

The Power of Runes


Prices range from $72.00 -$93.00 ....while supplies last.

Each Futhark Wand, made of Maple Wood, and pointed at the end to focus and harmonize the energies flowing through it, is divided into its three traditional parts, called Aetts:

*The first part represents the balancing of the self in the physical world, and corresponds to the realm of Midgard.

*The second aett is the process of initiation and transformation, and corresponds with Niflheim, the Norse underworld.

*The third Aett is the realm of higher wisdom and the application of knowledge, and corresponds to Asgard, the abode of the Gods. These three realms are transversed by Yggdrasil, the World-Tree. In a sense, the wand is a microcosm of the tree, which connects and transmits energies between all the worlds.



  • Runic Wisdom:

    These Rune Wands are designed to focus natural energies so that they may be channelled for magickal purposes, such as the consecration of objects, invocation, and the balancing and harmonizing of personal energies.  The runes inscribed on the wand are designed to transform the physical energy flowing through its user into a higher and more potent form. From ancient times, the Norse used the runic alphabet, or Futhark, in its entirety as a talisman. When written in its proper order, the Futhark represent the transformation of the soul from its mundane existance to transcendance.


    From North America's foremost supplier of handcrafted wood rune sets, talisman pendants, and other rune and Norse-related products since 1984, we bring you our last handcrafted Rune Wands from Tara Hill's Designs ( now a retired collection ) these beautiful Runic Wands are stained with linseed oil and red ochre powder, used since Neolithic times to represent the blood of life, or in this case, the blood shed by the God Odin to gain the Wisdom of the Runes.

    Devoted to rekindling the Spirit of the ancient artisans of Pagan Europe, this collection of Norse-related products blends Spirituality, craftsmanship and magickal purpose bringing past and present together in theses unique works. White Light Pentacles distributed these authentic works for many years and we are continuing to offer these from our collection


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