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Tara Hill Futhark Elder Rune Set

Tara Hill Futhark Elder Rune Set


From North America's foremost supplier of handcrafted wood rune sets, talisman pendants, and other rune and Norse-related products since 1984, we bring you our very last available handcrafted Futhark Runes fashioned from Sacred Woods from Tara Hill's Designs (now a retired collection). Each pouch  includes, Futhark Runes inscribed on pieces of Ash or Holly for your use in Divination. These beautiful Elder Futhark Runes have been stained with linseed oil and red ochre powder.  Red Ochre Powder for staining the wood has been used since Neolithic times to represent the blood of life, or in this case, the blood shed by the God Odin to gain the Wisdom of the Runes. Each handcrafted pouch is empowered with a design emblematic of The World Tree Yggdrasil, and a small informational booklet accompanies each Rune Set.

White Light Pentacles distributed these authentic works for many years and we are continuing to offer these beautiful Rune Sets from our collection ...While supplies last​​​​​​


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