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Sulis Altar Cauldron

Sulis Altar Cauldron

From The Spellware Collection™ of Ritual Art and Artifacts for Home, Office, and Altar: Enchanted Pottery from Cypress Moon. Each carefully hand-crafted cauldron is an original work of art (not a mass-produced import) and features a sacred motif and a small indentation in the bottom to hold a candle. Burning a candle inside — whether votive or pillar — will hold all the wax cleanly and allow your candle magick to burn for many hours.. Excellent for home decor and ritual work, this multi-functional altar cauldron can hold a tea light, votive, pillar candle, herbs, stones, jewelry, and/or other small sacred objects.
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    Sulis: The Roman Sun God, Sulis, was worshipped also by the Celts. Use this Cauldron in spells to receive physical strength and vitality, the power to win, rulership, and to discover your True Will and attain your life goals.
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