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Womb of Worlds

Womb of Worlds


Mother Knot..No two are exactly alike

In this chalice's original design, the knotwork winds around an open oval like unto a "Yoni", the vulva, a symbol of Divine Procreative Energy, thus the name "Mother Knot".

These handcrafted Sacred Stoneware Mother Knot Chalices, excellent for use in home, temple or office, were created on a potter's wheel to be used to hold water, wine, or other beverages consecrated in ritual. Throughout White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products' history, we have commissioned sacred motifs from talented artists and artisans we met in our travels or from those whom contacted us. In this Stoneware Collection, no longer available, we commissioned these Sacred Feminine motifs, all created on a potter's wheel. Excellent for home, temple or office use and suitable for ritual...While supplies last. Blessed Be.

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