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Stoned Illuminations Rune Candles

Stoned Illuminations Rune Candles


Our Stoned Illuminations™ Collection of Standing Stone Candles are hand molded and inscribed with Sacred Runes, Love and magickal inspiration. They are available in Large and Small styles with informative labels. Current prices are: Large 6" @ $13.00 & Small 4" @ $6.00 (All sizes are approximate). Available with ing, berkana, algiz, jera, laguz ,uruz, sowilo and gebo runes as well as single spiral, triple spiral, heart with crossed arrows, equal-armed cross, triskellion and a rune row for healing/strength/prosperity...while supplies last.

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    These are only brief attributes of Elder Futhark, pronunciations and spellings vary...

    Jera: change for the better, a plentiful harvest, cycles; Algiz: protection; Heart with Crossed Arrows: for marriage or sex magick; Laguz: uncover hidden truth about oneself and others, overcome fear; Equal-Armed Cross: four elements earth/air/fire/water, four directions, balance; Triple Spiral or Single Spiral: guidance on the pathway of the soul, wisdom of the Ancestors; Gebo: an offering, gift, generosity, good fortune; Uruz: good health, vitality, strength;Triskellion: sacred Celtic trinity earth/sea/sky; Sowilo: solar power to win; Ing: fertiltiy and protection;  Rune Row: Uruz+Sowilo+Fehu...good health/power/prosperity

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