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Spiral Goddess

Spiral Goddess


"Corked Enchantments" from our Spellware™ Collection of Enchanted Pottery

This lovely original representation of the Great Mother features a traditional Goddess figure with upraised arms and the spiral of wisdom in her belly and is sacred in women's mysteries.

"The upraised arms are a magical gesture of the evocation and appearance of the Deity. This gesture is associated with the ancient female mystery rite of "drawing down the Moon" and encountered also in the Egyptian hieroglyph for the Ka (symbol of the soul).


This matte finished Treasure Jar was designed and hand crafted to hold herbs, incense, stones, spells and other small magicks. Empowered with Goddess Imagery, these are excellent for home decor and ritual use. You will want to collect these to empower your magicks. Great for gifts too! No two exactly alike. Claim yours while supplies last...

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