Sacred Spirit ® Wand Incense

Sacred Spirit ® Wand Incense


Sacred Spirit ® Wand Incense is authentically compounded in the ancient traditional alchemical manner, carefully hand formulated with herbs, spices and resins from all over the Earth. Our rainbow collection of potent fragrances - each suitable for meditation and ritual work - has been designed to burn cooly and slowly, approximately one hour per wand, and to be as impurity-free as possible.  Of course it costs more for us to use the high quality natural ingredients found in Sacred Spirit Incense than it does to mass produce those  "grocery store" brands or mass produced perfume sticks, but the high vibrational energies and excellent aromas that result, make it well worth our alchemists' extra efforts.

The Gods love great incense!  While supplies last...

  • Details

    AmberFor Mother Earth, healing, protection, honoring our ancestors

    Copal: Sacred incense for love and protection, used by Mayans and Aztecs in Central and South America to honor the Gods 

    LotusFor Inner Peace & Outer Harmony;  Burn to aid meditation and open the Mind’s eye.  A sacred offering to the Gods

    Pine: Burn for strength and vitality, to reverse and return negative energy, to keep illness far away

    Rose: For love and or to enhance any love magicks, to reduce personal stress and restore calm to your home

    Sandalwood: An all-purpose scent, often used for protection and healing, and for the granting of wishes

    Vanilla: This scent is reputed to stimulate amorous appetites, restore lost energy and jog your memory.