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Sacred Spirit®Cedar Oil: Use for works of healing, protection, purification, balance, rebirth, regeneration, regrowth; to invoke the planetary energies of Jupiter for great good fortune, good luck and success; to invoke angel wisdom.

Herbal oils may also be used to anoint objects and ritual tools, or worn on non-sensitive skin areasusing appropriate precautions and common sense to avoid sensitivities. In most traditions of candle burning it is considered important to consecrate and bless one's candles before using them for Magick.

This may be done by pouring a little bit of oil onto the palm or fingertips, then applying the oil to the candle by starting from the center and rubbing upwards around the tip in smooth, even strokes then returning to the center and applying oil in the same smooth strokes downward toward the candle's lower end.

Our 2 dram Sacred Spirit® Herbal Oils are potent. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. Do not eat or drink!

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