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S.Silver  1" Hand Woven Pentacle Gemstone Pendant

S.Silver 1" Hand Woven Pentacle Gemstone Pendant

 This beautiful  1" Sterling Silver hand woven 5 mm cabochon gemstone pentacle pendant is available with Moonstone or Emerald. Your customers who prefer hand crafted earthy jewelry over mass produced cast pieces will love this collection! 
  • Details

    Moonstone - Moonstone is used for enhanced intuition and opening up the third eye. Ruled by the Moon and sacred to the Moon Goddess Diana, Moonstone is excellent for protection spells, inspiration and calming and balancing one's emotional self.

    Emerald - Sacred to Venus, Emerald is prized as "the stone of successful love". Some believe it may bring harmony, action and progress. Emeralds were used by priests and rulers of both Ancient Egypt and Greece. It was believed to aid in eloquent speaking and in seeing the truth despite clouded emotions. Emerald was one of the stones in the breastplate of the High Priest. Emerald was also one of the stones supposedly given to King Soloman which gave him "power over all creation". Emerald is a stone of prosperity and riches, but also may be worn to assist with physical, emotional and spiritual balance as well as psychic insight and prophesy.

    Amethyst - Widely used by mystics and healers, this beautiful purple "wisdom stone," is named from the Greek word meaning "without drunkenness". Some believe it may be used to help open the Higher Mind and sedate the lower urges, to help achieve a meditative state, and also for healing and recovery from substance abuse and other self destructive behaviors. Many people have a natural love for wearing Amethyst jewelry.

    Lapis Lazuli - Wear this stone to promote physical and mental well being. Ruled by Jupiter, Lapis Lazuli is used in spells to attract wealth, great good fortune, success, good luck and opportunities for career advancement. Some believe that it works against depression and melancholy, bringing a joyful state of mind and stamina and good health. The ancient Egyptians carved amulets for protection in Lapis.

    Carnelian - This powerful orange/ red stone may be worn as a catalyst for regaining vital good health and well being. It can help a person build inner strength and boost energy. Amulets of Egyptian Mother Goddess Isis were often carved out of Carnelian.
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