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Altar Wheel

Altar Wheel


Rune Wheel: The word “Rune” means a secret which is whispered. The Runes are traditionally considered to be the agents of great creative forces which have the power to relate our lives and our actions to the WYRD: the web of fate, destiny, and events that shape our lives. This Rune Wheel depicts the eight spoked Wheel of Spirit as well as the Witches Wheel of the eight solar festivals of the year,surrounded by 24 Runic Creative Forces which give birth to the worlds within the realms of time and space.
© 1994 e.v. WLP/SSP

Our 6" Nu Aeon Collection™ Altar Pantacles ("Patens") have set the standard of excellence for use as ritual platters and emblems of the Art Magickal on altars across America since we first introduced them in the early 1980's.

Used for consecration of tools, "cakes and wine", and in defense of the Magick circle, these authentic pantacles are available to practitioners for use in Magick and Witchcraft...While supplies last.

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