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Rowena of the Glen Music

Rowena of the Glen Music


Pagan Music awards Best Female Artist, Singer Songwriter, Published Author, Sister Witch...

Many years ago, a visitor to our shop Nu Aeon, here in Salem, gave us a copy of Rowena"s cd "My Mother's Song". At that time we had never heard her music and was not familiar with her or Dragonstone Sanctuary in Nashvilkle, TN. Both my husband and I really loved the recording. We reached out and began to distribute it. When I visted family in Nashville, many years later, I met Rowena and her partner, Ember. Since that time, we have become become friends. Rowena of the Glen has performed ritual and concert at our store in Salem and a signing for her fabulous book "Voices of The Stars". A true High Priestesss Sister...Lovely work! Enjoy her sensual, thoughtful Gothic Pop/Rock cds while supplies last!


Some Reviews:

Dark, moody, witchy, ROCK with overtones of voodoo, jazz, and world music… bitter-sweet songs — powerful melodies and sultry vocal performances over a muscular rhythm section and tribal drumming all set soaring by spectacular GOTHIC guitars...


Arising from the mists of the Dragonstone Sanctuary comes this musical offering by its High Priestess, Rowena of the Glen. Rowena sends forth her cauldron of magical, mystical and dark elements in this CD and weaves a spell that is haunting and unforgettable. Those who know her personally know these songs to be a reflection of the spiritual depth of this priestess of the craft...

  • Overview

    My Mother's Song: Goddess oriented, Organic, New Age Gothic...Magical!

    Book of Shadows: Gothic/Wiccan/Pagan/cinematic... Scandinavian influenced Rock

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