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Pipes of Pan

Pipes of Pan


Send up a Beacon of Light!

Keep a light burning for the blessings and protection of Great Pan in this earthy colored Pipes of Pan Spellware™ Tea Light Votive candle Holder. Call upon Great Pan for protection and power, for fertiltiy, and to get in touch with your wild inner nature! Pan, Goatfoot God, the God of All Nature! In Greek, Pan means "all".

Often equated with Herne and Cernunnos in ritual, he is the personification of procreation in nature, the cause of our instinctive behavior.

Legend tells us that Pan, the son of Hermes, was the Arcadian Satyr God of lust and magick who seduced men and women with his pipes and wantonness. The syrinx, his pipe made of seven reeds or straws, was the primitive musical instrument with which shepherds called back their flocks to the fold.

Old Pan, God of fertility, the shepherds' God, half-human and half-animal in shape, shaggy of beard, hairy, lively, agile, swift and crafty. He expressed animal cunning and was often depicted with a wrinkled face, prominent chin, shepherd's crook, and a branch of pine or a crown of pine needles. On his forehead were two horns. Pan, the ancient lustful Graeco-Roman God of field and wood, represents freedom of spirit, natural instincts, and sinless, guiltless love without shame.

These Witchy hand crafted stoneware Pan Pipes Tea Light Votive Candle Holders are suitable for use in spell work and mystical home decor to illumine your home, office and sacred spaces. From our Spellware Collection ™ Of Ritual Art and Artifacts for Home, Office and Altar: Enchanted Pottery from Cypress Moon, we bring you these original works of magickal art. While supplies last...  

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