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New Wiccan Book Of The Law

New Wiccan Book Of The Law


The New Wiccan Book of the Law...2nd Edition

We met Lady Galadriel in Atlanta HPs. of The Grove of the Unicorn in the 1990's. Her Witchcraft arts were beautifully crafted and her written works were brilliant. White Light Pentacles took on the printing of this informative and inspiring little pamphlet.

Many Initiates of British Traditional Wicca lineages may have the opportunity to study Laws in a variety of oathbound Books of Shadows.  Lady Galadriel "took four different versions of the 'Laws', combined them amd reworked them, making them clearer and more understandable, as well as adding some new ones" which she felt were lacking..."pertinent to the needs of today's Witches and Neo-Pagans".

This four part guidebook of codes of conduct draws its wisdom from "The Book of the Law", "The Laws for the Old Religion", "The Great Book of the Law", and "The Dragon Law".


"The Lady guided my hand and my heart." - Lady galadriel


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