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Jupiter-Sachiel Talismanic Chalice

From The Spellware Collection™ Of Ritual Art and Artifacts for Home, Office and Altar: Enchanted Pottery from Cypress Moon. Each carefully hand crafted Large 7" Stoneware Planetary Angelic Chalice is an original work of art (not a mass-produced import) and features a planetary symbol, seal and color as well as the sigil (written name) of the Angel associated with that planet. Beautifully detailed with mini crystals, these talismanic chalices are excellent for home decor and ritual work, and safe for drinking. Fill it with water, wine or your favorite sacred beverage and thank the Angels and planetary spirits and intelligences for the success of your magick!
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    Invoke Sachiel, Angel of Jupiter! Call upon Sachiel for great good fortune and success, wealth and career advancement, nobility, kindness, generosity and all the good things of life on Earth. Use this ritual chalice on a Thursday and/or in the planetary hour of the Jupiter (starts at sunrise on Thursdays) and/or on any of the other days of the week (and better it be during the waxing phase of the Moon) under auspicious planetary influences. In Magick and Witchcraft the chalice is always symbolically used to receive nourishment, inspiration and Spiritual Power.
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