20" Hazel Wand with Deer Antler, Desert Rose Selenite, River Stone

20" Hazel Wand with Deer Antler, Desert Rose Selenite, River Stone


Throughout the world, trees have been recognized as living beings having a Spirit within, revered for their special virtues and attributes, and sacred groves were used as places of worship.  The Wand symbolizes the power of the True Will and the Mastery of a Magician or Witch.  Because a properly fashioned magick wand directs and focuses energy it may be used for many purposes: to invoke or banish, bless or blast, heal, teach, create, etc. Use these artfully handcrafted wooden wands for your greatest good and for the good of All.

  • Attributes

    Hazel: Known to the Druids as "Coll". According to an ancient Irish legend, a Hazel tree bent its branches over the Well of Wisdom. If you seek the secrets of magick and the wisdom of the Wildwood, Hazel may guide and direct you and may assist you to create and shape your own reality with the power of true magick. Ruled by Mercury, this tree is a teaching tree, some believe very powerful for wish fullfilment.  

    Desert Rose Selenite: Said to aid one in manifesting dreams and desires, these intricately formed crystals may be used to cleanse one's aura and environment, bring rejuvinating energy and bring mental clarity and focus. A traditional Native American tale stated that Desert Rose Selenites were carved by warriors who returned home from the spirit world. The roses were said to have been spread across the Earth to protect these spirits’ homeland.