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Hedge Witch Fruitwood

Hedge Witch Fruitwood


This 17" powerful natural handmade magick wand, created by Hedge Witch and First Nation Pipe Carrier Una Gallagher to assist you on your Sacred Journey, was fashioned of Fruitwood and embellished with with Tiger Eye, Green Kyanite, Walnut seed and a Deer Hide Pouch. (one of a kind)


Friutwood: The wood of a fruit bearing tree, usually cherry, apple, pear, peach, plum and a few other lesser known Old World species are believed to be sacred to The Goddess.


The Wand symbolizes the power of the True Will and the Mastery of a Magician or Witch. Because a properly fashioned magick wand directs and focuses energy it may be used for many purposes: to invoke or banish, bless or blast, heal, teach, create, etc. Use this artfully crafted wooden wand for your greatest good and for the good of All.

  • Witch's Wisdom:

    Throughout the world, trees have been recognized as living beings having a Spirit within, revered for their special virtues and attributes, and sacred groves were used as places of worship.

    Green Kyanite The High Vibration of Kyanite may align all of the Chakras, but Green Kyanite  is most known for its ability to balance the Heart Chakra. May help one heal through the connection to nature by absorbing energy from the Earth and aid the ability of channeling information from nature spirits. Never needs cleansing and may be used to bring cosmic wisdom. Use to clear, cleanse and purify negative energy of other stones, spaces and people.

    Tiger Eye: Ruled by the Sun, use for physical vitality, centering, grounding and balancing. 

    Walnut: Ruled by Jupiter, there could be a magickal resonance with fertility, prosperity and money drawing, also the inner ability to discern between the forces that will help us and those that will not.

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