Faceted Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Bracelet

Faceted Blue Sapphire Sterling Silver Bracelet


For many years White Light Pentacles has been supporting the efforts of our trusted suppliers. The jewelry we distribute is fashioned with authentic cabachon and faceted gemstones set in Sterling Silver by skilled artisans all over the world. Wearing this beautiful gemstone jewelry in one's aura brings to the wearer the powers and properties of these treasures of Mother Earth. 

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    Silver is a healing metal that has excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Throughout history, silver has been used in medicine to cure infections and help heal wounds. Spiritually, it is said to be ruled by the energetic planetary corespondence of the Moon. It may be worn to enhance psychic receptivity and also for protection.

    Sapphire is consideered a Stone of Wisdom, a royal stone of learning, mental acuity and psychic activation, a seeker after spiritual truth. In its Blue form some say it may be used to bring order and healing to the mind, strength and focus, enabling an ability to see beneath surface appearances to underlying truths and to utilize that knowledge to bring wisdom to gain a fuller understanding of self. Wear Blue Sapphire to embrace order, structure, and self-discipline, and for accomplishing goals and manifesting ideas into form.