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Potion Bottle of Water

Potion Bottle of Water


Attune to Spirit Beings associated with the element of Water (Undines)

This artfully crafted imaginative clay Elemental Water Spirit Potion Bottle was inspired by medieval philosophy, alchemy and modern magickal and folkloric practices.

Water/Undines; this category of elemental beings is associated with water. First named in the alchemical writings of Paracelsus, they are usually depicted inhabiting forest pools, waterfalls,oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, ponds, water and all it encompasses. Mermaids are considered part of this group .

These "Corked Enchantments" from our Spellware ™ Collection of Enchanted Pottery are Potion Botttles finished on the inside to hold liquid without seepage and finished on the exterior with images and talismans. These handcrafted and detailed clay vessels are excellent for holding potions, essential or blended oils and small spells. Suitable for altar and home decor, and great for gifts too! As this is hand crafted art, no two will look exactly alike. Claim yours while supplies last....

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