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Elemental Earth Bowl

Elemental Earth Bowl


Attune to Spirit Beings associated with the elements of Earth ("Gnomes")

This artfully crafted imaginative clay Elemental Spirit Altar Bowl was inspired by medieval philosophy, alchemy and modern magickal and folkloric practices.

Earth elementals are nature spirits tending the earth through the cycles of the seasons. These “Gnomes” are said to see to it that the imprint of humankind’s negativity and abuses of Mother Earth are cleaned up and neutralized. Paracelsus was the first one using the word, possibly based on the Greek quote “ge-nomos(earth-dweller)” to refer these beings that have Earth as their element. Many legends and fables abound involving these woodland creatures.

As this is hand crafted art, no two of the same Elemental Earth Bowls will look exactly alike. Suitable for Altar work and home decor...Claim yours while supplies last. 

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