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Elemental Air Bowl

Elemental Air Bowl


Attune to Spirit Beings associated with the element of Air ("Sylphs").

This artfully crafted imaginative clay Elemental Air Spirit Altar bowl was inspired by medieval philosophy, alchemy and modern magickal and folkloric practices.

Air elementals, known as Sylphs are unseen intelligences whom Paracelsus described as invisible beings of the air. Those with “the sight” may see them appearing as winged faeries and/or angels varying in size but rarely larger than a human. These ever-present powers have been believed to inspire “the dreamer, the poet, the artist… with their intimate knowledge of the beauties and workings of Nature.” They are associated with “the eastern corner of creation.” As this is hand crafted art, no two of the same Air Elemental Bowls will look exactly alike. Claim yours while supplies last...

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