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Druid Oghams

Druid Oghams


Druid Magick

These beautiful brass wire-wrapped Sterling Silver Ogham Stave pendants are based on the magickal tree alphabet of the ancient Druids. Each one of these beautiful potent talismanic pendants carries the magickal intention for which it was inscribed.

Ogham was used by the Celts to convey only special or sacred things. Secret writings were used to permit the writer to speak directly to the Gods, offering praise and enjoining them for intervention or advice. Often, specific characters in these secret writings came to be seen as mystical or powerful, reflecting their use as pathways to communication with the Gods.

The early Celtic culture was one with a strong oral tradition. Its stories and wisdom were committed to memory and handed down verbally. During that time the written word saw limited usage.

Ogham (often pronounced " O-Am"), was used in ancient Celtic magick and historians believe within the Ogham is much of the lost Druid Lore. Ogham writing evolved in the early centuries of the Christian era (300 A.D.--600 A.D.). It was based on a twenty-letter alphabet. Each letter was represented by a group of notches (from one to five) along a vertical axis. This axis could be a drawn line, a corner of stone, or a staff if one wanted to flash a message using their fingers as the notches.  Individual Ogham characters were often combined and carved into potent talismans. In present day Ireland there are some 300 Ogham stone inscriptions marking former sacred sites and tribal boundaries. 

According to Gaelic legend secret writing, or Ogham was handed down from Ogma Mac Eledan, the Gaelic god of eloquence. He was one of the Tuatha De Denann, who were later known as the Faery Gods of Tir na nog.
White Light Pentacles was authorized to distribute this collection to stores and personal clients for many years. These pieces are part of that work. We offer them here ...While supplies last.

  • Druid Lore:

    Neart: Strength...wear for force, pith, power of purpose, energy, and vigor

    Gliocas:Wisdom...wear to attain wisdom and prudence

    Cail: Health...wear to improve physical vitality, energy and strength

    Sonas:Luck...wear to attract success, good fortune and happiness

    Dion: Protection...wear to protect, defend, guard and shield

    Sith:Harmony...wear for Spirituality, peace, tranquility.

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