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Digney Fignus Music

Digney Fignus Music


Boston based singer/songwriter/instruentalist  and producer Digney Fignus has been a family friend for decades. He sang and played at several of our celebrations, added his voice to my "Spirit Nation " recording, even played at our Handfasting/Wedding... (there, at one point,  accompanying me on "Wicca Love"), and other entertaining evenings! He is a joy to know and his music is lively Americana Roots/Rock. You will want to aquire these cds...while supplies last.

After playing locally in night clubs, Digney's first big break came when he won the MTV basement tapes with his hit song and video "THE GIRL WITH THE CURIOUS HAND". This led to a follow up release on COLUMBIA RECORDS that Digney co-produced with former CHARTBUSTER and MODERN LOVER, Leroy Radcliffe.

More success came when Digney won the WZLX Boston Anthem contest with his song "BOSTON TOWN". The song is featured on the four-song CD BOSTON TOWN which was nominated for RECORD OF THE YEAR, by the Mass Country Music Awards Association. One of the songs from the CD, "End of the Line," won one of the SONG OF THE YEAR awards.


In 2006, TROUBLE ON THE LEVEE, marked a departure for Digney and the beginning of a refreshingly different chapter to his musical career. The rootsy character based CD enjoyed 22 weeks on the Americana Roots Rock chart. It also included a short story that linked all the songs together. The story became the basis for the next CD and opened up a whole other world of writing opportunities. Spinning a number of songs off for TV and book trailers, TALK OF THE TOWN, (October 2008), was Digney's second "concept" CD continuing the story of Johnnie Boudreaux, "a man too good lookin' for his own good," first introduced in the critically acclaimed TROUBLE ON THE LEVEE (2006).

TALK OF THE TOWN spent three months on the Americana Music Chart reaching #24. It also scored in the Top 20 on the New Music Weekly College Chart and the Far Roots Report .


Some reviews:

"Lyrically positive and musically as brilliant..." - Reb Landers, The Alternate Root

"Sounding like Randy Newman in his heyday, Digney wrangles up 12 new songs that bubble with grooves so infectious, you're going to need a good liniment to work them out" - Doug Sloan, Metronome Magazine

KDHX - St. Louis, MO - Letter from the Line (track 8 Talk of the Town) "A stunning song about a soldier writing home. The lines in the middle about killing a man in the line of duty are absolutely chilling."






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