Great Good Fortune Crystal Art Wand

Great Good Fortune Crystal Art Wand


This 9.5" Cobalt Blue Art Glass Empowerment Wand fashioned in a silver plated lead-free solder setting has been carefully crafted using colors, crystals & gemstones that correspond with traditional planetary intentions and attributes. It is a beautiful artful collectible with strong energy, suitable for focusing your magickal intentions and true will. This Altar Wand carries the energies of Turquoise, Sodalite, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli with Clear Quartz Natural Point Crystal and Natural Point Amethyst Crystal for life improvement and wealth , both spiritual and material.

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    Turquoise: use for mental & spiritual clarity, wealth, wisdom, joy; Sodalite:use to bring order and calmness of mind, rational thought, objectivity, truth, intuition; Amethyst: use to open higher mind, meditation, healing, wisdom, sedate lower urges; Lapis Lazuli: use to dfraw great good fortune, success, happiness; Clear Qtz. Crystal: serves to focus and amplify the practitioner's will!

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