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Magna Mater

Magna Mater


Sacred Female figures used in fertility rituals or as representations of Goddesses abound in ancient cultures' religious concepts and beliefs. 

These handcrafted Sacred Stoneware Goddess Chalices, excellent for use in home, temple or office, were created on a potter's wheel to be used to hold water, wine, or other beverages consecrated in ritual. 

Throughout White Light Pentacles/Sacred Spirit Products' history, we have commissioned sacred motifs from talented artists and artisans we met in our travels or from those whom contacted us. In this Stoneware Collection, no longer available, we commissioned these Sacred Feminine  motifs, all created on a potter's wheel.  Excellent for home, temple or office use and suitable for ritual...While supplies last. Blessed Be.

  • Witch's Wisdom:

    In the case of the Venus of Laussel, some believe the thirteen lines carved into the upturned horn that she is holding may be associated with lunar ( notice the Crescent ) and menstrual cycles.

    The Tree Mother depicted in this piece represents the Earth Mother Spirit in the Green World, a Dryad, like unto other Foliate Goddess art.

    Many early Iron Age representations of the Goddess With Upraised Arms have survived from Ancient Crete, and other ancient civilizations that have worshipped and venerated this recurrent iconographical depiction of the Great Mother. 


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