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Running with Wolves

Running with Wolves


Wolf Spirit, Moon Tree, Stargazing

These sweet altar platters feature original artful motifs. 

Wolf totem depicted in Wolf Running platter, is a universal symbol of personal power, wild freedom, and autonomy. It is said, a wolf spirit animal may guide us through the darkness into the light of the wisdom of the ages. In many indiginous cultures, wolves are considered big medicine associated with courage, strength, loyalty, and success at hunting.

Talismans and charms adorned with images of wolves were thought to protect against fire, disease, and other misfortunes. Honored and revered in mythology, the Ancient Greeks associated wolves with the sun god Apollo and Roman legend of Mars' two sons, Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, were said to have been nurtured by the She-Wolf Lupa. The legendary magical-religious experience of mystical solidarity with this wild untamed powerful Spirit of Wolf has brought some cultures to believe them to be ancestors of their people.


Develop a deep connection with your instincts and sharpen your intuition. Depicted on this Moon Tree platter is the Full Moon through the banches. Throughout the world, trees have been recognized as living beings having a Spirit within, revered for their special virtues and attributes,band sacred groves were used as places of worship.


Looking up into the night sky and Stargazing has captivated humankind from the beginning of time. Because the earth rotates, it appears to us like the sky is rotating but really the earth is rotating. The original stargazing was a necessity for people like farmers who used the night sky as a way to gauge when to plant their crops and for ancient mariners to find their way at sea.


No two are exactly alike, and all created on a potter's wheel, these lovely handcrafted altar accessories are excellent for home, temple or office use and suitable for ritual...While supplies last. 

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