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Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time


Hekate Wheel

Black/Silver with Moonstone or Purple/Silver with Amethyst...Call upon and invoke Great Hekate and learn the mysteries of the Three fold Goddess of awesome power, light bringer, birth giver, protectress of all true Witches and Magick workers. Her wheel moves forward and backwards through time to open and close as a portal to the Inner Planes.


Each carefully hand crafted approximately 9.5 " high fired gloss finished Black Hekate Wheel Lidded Urn/ Large Vase with Moonstone and Purple Urn with Amethyst is an original work of art ( not a mass produced import ).  Excellent for home decor and temple work, use to hold sacred objects on the altar and/or as an ash pot for burning and holding the remains of written spells. Without the lid, these become beautiful large vases for holding flowers to adorn home and temple.

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