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Beltane Spell

Beltane Spell


Thus we mark this Sacred Day...Thus we Crown the Queen of May...

Eight Sabbats of the Witches' Wheel of the Year,  "Beltane" We invoke the May Queen and the sexual power of the Earth, yielding our bodies to the urgings of nature. Burn this incense to celebrate the pleasures and delights of Spring in full flower.Magickal Catalyst™ Spell Stix™ are potent, non-mass-produced perfume stick incense wands formulated to burn slowly with rich aromas for spirit, mind, and body and to bring focused energy to your spells.

  • Witch's Wisdom:

    Beltane: Also called May Day, falling on May 1st. To celebrate the sacred marriage of Earth and Sky, we dance joyfully around the Maypole, performing Spring rites of love and passion. 

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