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Babalon Star Talisman Lights™ Amulet Pillar Candle

Babalon Star Talisman Lights™ Amulet Pillar Candle

$9.95 each with a minimum purchase of 3 assorted Talisman Lights™ Amulet Pillar Candles. These Atlantean inspired 1.5” x 6” candle is infused with oils, ideal for ritual use, and great for gift giving. Fashioned by Cypress Moon and exclusively distributed by White Light Pentacles, each one is a work of magick, not mass-produced. Available in 20 styles, each cleanly burning palm wax candle is Gaia friendly and comes shrink wrapped with a colorful, eye-catching instruction label and a hand-painted, fired clay amulet pendant (an original design) strung on a hemp cord. This pendant is to be used as an object link for the desired outcome. Our artfully crafted colorful Spell candles bring added focus and energy to all your spells and magickal workings. Once lit, they may be used to summon spirit helpers from the Inner Planes and set your will in motion to manifest your wishes.
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    Babalon: Star of the 7 Planetary Rays and 7 Chakras, Great Star Goddess who is the Mistress of all Mysteries. Burn this candle to find the Babalon within you and harness Her power for all your spells of love, passion, sexuality, earthly power, and pleasure of the senses. This Star of Babalon Septagon Amulet may be worn, carried, or given as a gift after the candle has burned down.
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