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Astral Projection Talisman: Wear this talisman to improve your skill in projecting astrally.


Each beautiful engraved brass pendant comes with its own chain or silk cord (as availability allows), along with instructions and activating Words of Power. We present them to you for your enjoyment and experimentation. May success be yours!

Nu Aeon™ Collection Treasures of the Sage of the Pyramid Talismans 2" brass talismans have been derived and revised from a collection published under the title The Black Pullet.

Although this class of talismanic magick was originally designed as amulets paired with complementary magickal rings, these images have been redesigned and reinterpreted with attention to detail so that each amulet is now self-contained and fully functional on its own merits. Though the origin of these hermetic designs is now a mystery, the symbolic artwork remains compelling and many modern magicians have achieved significant results through their use.

Brass - An alchemical alloy made of copper and tin which results in its bright, gold-like appearance. For this reason, brass is used as a solar metal or as a mercurial substitute for quicksilver (liquid mercury)

While supplies last...

  • Magister's Wisdom:

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.
    “The power of a talisman may occur in its making or be catalyzed by the internal energies of the possessor/operator by ritual consecration. A link can be forged with the spiritual power that the talisman represents and it can also serve as a home for a Spirit which is welcomed to reside within it. After our own personal experience of many, many years of successful occult practice, we offer these items for magickal practitioners to use as they will. These talismans should be used wisely and with discretion. Because of the decisions to which the use of these talismans give rise, the soul is tested, and hopefully strengthened. Caution is advised to those of impulsive temperament. May the possession of these talismans provide an introduction and attunement to the Holy Art of Magick and contact with the Cosmic Forces represented by it. Blessed Be.”
    © 2001 e.v. Azaradel WLP/SSP
    Love is the law, love under will

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