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Amethyst Glamour Trio

Amethyst Glamour Trio


***Purple Amethyst Glam Necklace Trio

Many, many magickal items have found homes since Nu Aeon closed its doors two years ago, yet, there are still many exquisite jewels for practitioners, waiting to be claimed.  Here some of our favorite Purple ones...

Available as a set of three: 

Faceted Amethyst Trio of Magickal Jewels for the Glamourous Witch!


*Exquisite Triple Tiered Faceted Amethyst beaded necklace

**Exotic 20 inch necklace 24 gently graduated faceted purple amethyst crystal beads interspersed with sterling silver spacers and three large central ornate sterling silver beads

***Extended Tri-Knot approximately 10mm oval faceted Amethyst sterling silver 14 inch necklace.

  • Witches Wisdom

    Wear Amethyst to open the Higher Mind, quiet lower urges, meditate and heal areas of concern. Legendary stone of Spiritual Connection and Purification, wearing Amethyst crystals has been believed bring calm and serenity to the wearer.

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