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93 Blessed Be!

93 Blessed Be!


93 Blessed Be!

These enameled pins were made by an artist who contacted us many years ago. Of course, we were interested in supporting his efforts and we acquired these colorful "Star of Babalon" ( also known as a Septagon or Heptagon) emblems for Thelemites interested in the 93 Current of the New Aeon, and Pentacle pins for mystical folk.  Get yours while supplies last!

  • Magickal Wisdom:

    Babalon Star: Septagaon, Star of the 7 Planetary Rays and the 7 Chakras. This sacred star of the inner mysteries of Venus is both an emblem of the Great Goddess Herself — who is the Mistress of all Mysteries — and the seal of the High Priestess of Thelemic Magick.

    Thelema:  an esoteric and occult social or spiritual philosophy and new religious movement developed in the early 1900s based on the writings of Aleister Crowley, particularly the Book of the Law, which was dictated to Crowley in 1904 by a Holy Guardian Angel called Aiwass. Crowley is considered a prophet, and his works are the only ones considered canonical. Interpretation of those texts is left up to individual believers.

    Thelemites strive to ascend to higher states of existence, uniting oneself with higher powers, and understanding and embracing one's True Will, their ultimate purpose, and place in life.

    The Law of Thelema will not be grasped by intellect alone, or by merely studying the text of the Cairo transmission, yet the doctrine can be explained in clear and simple terms. For those so prepared, and that are willing to translate thought into action, full activation of the 93 Current is possible.

    Pentacle: signifies the rulership of Higher Mind over the lower elements of Human Nature.  The use of this Divine Symbol signals the awakening of Cosmic Consciousness and the Initiation of Human Consciousness manipulating its environment by reaching beyond the realms of physical form and perception limited to the five physical senses.  The origins of the Pentagram go far back to remotest antiquity, as far back as Pre-Babylonian Sumer. It has been venerated by many other civilizations.  To the Jews, it symbolically designated the Pentateuch, The five Books of Moses.  Early Christians recognized it as pointing out the five Stigmata - the wounds Christ suffered on the Cross.  It has survived under a variety of titles, including "The Druid's Foot" and "The Witch's Star".To the followers of Pythagoras, it was called "The Pentalpha", being composed of five interlaced A's or Alphas.  With Alpha being the center of the Greek alphabet, we can view the Pentacle as symbolically portraying the Unity of All things in the midst of multiplicity. Ceremonial Magicians throughout the Middle Ages considered the Pentagram to be among the most potent and protective symbols - being stronger in this way, than even the Cross.  Those involved in Occult Practices could be certain that wherever the Pentacle was displayed, there, evil had not power.Traditionally, each of the five angles has been attributed to the Five Metaphysical Elements of the Ancients:Earth (Lower left-hand corner), Fire (Lower right-hand corner), Water (Upper right -hand corner), Air (Upper left-hand corner) - Surmounted by Spirit at the topmost point.This becomes a graphic portrayal of Spirit ruling over the four elements and when the Pentagram is placed within the Circle (a symbol of eternity and totality or unity) its energy is focused and directed.©1986 e.v. wlpsspThus the Pentacle may be used for Protection, Wisdom and Empowerment.

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