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7 Knob Peace Magick

7 Knob Peace Magick


Give Peace a Chance...

This approximately 10", carefully crafted 7 Knob Peace Magick Candle was made to be lit and relit during the span of a week to draw peace and wellbeing into your life or the lives of others. We suggest that you start your spell during the waxing phase of the Moon, 7 days before it becomes full, to receive maximum benefit from this tool. This candle has been infused with oils and herbs and hand painted with the symbol of a Peace Sign for further empowerment to bring added focus and energy to all your spell and magickal work. Once lit, it may be used to summon spirit helpers from the Inner Planes and set your will in motion to manifest your wishes. Candle burning is powerful magick. You may choose to light this candle and let it burn down, or light this candle, meditate with it, snuff it out and relight it another time. While supplies last.

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