2" Rune Wheel Talisman Pendant

2" Rune Wheel Talisman Pendant


"The Nu Aeon Collection™" of engraved 2" Talisman Pendants provides you with the Keys to the Mysteries presented in symbolic form. A talisman is a vitalized object of power intended to bring about fortunate change of life circumstances or self transformation in accordance with one's will. Talismans come in many forms and incorporate lots of different elements. The power of a talisman may occur in its making or be catalyzed by the internal energies of the possessor/operator by ritual consecration. A link can be forged with the spiritual power that the talisman represents and it can also serve as a home for a Spirit which is welcomed to reside within it. Available in your choice of Brass or Sterling Plate( availability of metals may vary ). Let us choose for you. Each comes with legend card & chain or black satin cord as availability allows.

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    Rune Wheel: The word “Rune” means a secret which is whispered. The Runes are traditionally considered to be the agents of great creative forces which have the power to relate our lives and our actions to the WYRD: the web of fate, destiny, and events that shape our lives. This Rune Wheel depicts the eight spoked Wheel of Spirit as well as the Witches Wheel of the eight solar festivals of the year ,surrounded by 24 Runic Creative Forces which give birth to the worlds within the realms of time and space.
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    Silver is a healing metal that has excellent antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Throughout history, silver has been used in medicine to cure infections and help heal wounds. Spiritually, it is said to be ruled by the energetic planetary corespondence of the Moon. It may be worn to enhance psychic receptivity and also for protection.

    Brass - An alchemical alloy made of copper and tin which results in its bright, gold-like appearance. For this reason, brass is used as a solar metal or as a mercurial substitute for quicksilver (liquid mercury)