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1st Seal of Venus Solomonic Altar Disk

1st Seal of Venus Solomonic Altar Disk

These Solomonic Altar Disks are from our Spellware Collection ™ Of Ritual Art and Artifacts for Home, Office and Altar. Each carefully hand crafted fired clay disk is an original work of art ( not a mass produced import ). Excellent for home decor and ritual work,  these are available in large size approximately 5" in diameter $12.00 and medium size approximately 3" in diameter $8.00. 
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    Invoke the Angels and Good Spirits of Venus with this pantacle from the Greater Key of Solomon for asssistance in all matters of love, beauty, art, joy, pleasure and sensual fullfillment. It may be placed upon the ritual altar to empower magickal workings in the days and hours of Venus.
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