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Transformation and Good Fortune

Transformation and Good Fortune


The Wand symbolizes the power of the True Will and the Mastery of a Magician or Witch. Because a properly fashioned magick wand directs and focuses energy it may be used for many purposes: to invoke or banish, bless or blast, heal, teach, create, etc


Transformation and Good Fortune: This 9.5" Purple art glass Altar Wand created in a silver- plated lead-free solder setting is fashioned with Turquoise, Sodalite, Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli. and also a  Clear Quartz Natural Point at one end, and Natural Amethyst Point at the other. Use to welcome, arouse and awaken within you the ability to draw in and appreciate the joy and good fortune that is yours now!

  • Crystal Wisdom:

    Turquoise: use for mental & spiritual clarity, wealth, wisdom, joy; Sodalite: use to bring order and calmness of mind, rational thought, objectivity, truth, intuition

    Amethyst: use to open higher mind, meditation, healing, wisdom, sedate lower urges; Lapis Lazuli: use to draw great good fortune, success, happiness

    Clear Qtz. Crystal Point: serves to focus and amplify the practitioner's will

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