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Shining God!

Shining God!


Roman Sun God Belenos was thought to ride the Sun across the sky in a horse-drawn chariot. A most-widely worshipped Celtic deity, Belenos is associated with  ancient fire festivals and modern Pagan celebrations

Use this Chalice in spells to receive physical strength and vitality, the power to win, for rulership, and to discover your True Will and attain your life goals...While supplies last.

From The Spellware Collection™ Of Ritual Art and Artifacts for Home, Office and Altar: Enchanted Pottery from Cypress Moon. Each carefully hand crafted beautiful Large 7" Stoneware Chalice is an original work of art (not a mass-produced import). This one features a raised motif of the Sun God Belenos... Excellent for home decor and ritual work, and safe for drinking. Fill it with water, wine or your favorite sacred beverage and thank Belenos for the success of your magick!

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